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Gregory A. Brossier - President
Mr. Brossier is a young dynamic marketer with major corporate experience. Prior to joining Sun Islands Hawaii, Mr. Brossier was Assistant to the Director of National Accounts for SkyTel, a large telecommunications company. His responsibilities were in Sales and Marketing to retail establishments. Mr. Brossier was Customer Support Representative for IBM and was responsible for the sale of service contracts on a national basis.

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Susan Brown - Customer Service
Susan has spent most of her career within the visitor industry working directly with the visitor to the Hawaiian Islands. Her extensive knowledge of Hawaii makes her one of the greatest assets within the Sun Islands Hawaii family. She is in contact with the majority of the client's daily and sees to their every need once they arrive in the islands. Her job is tireless, as she also handles the clients "after hours" and can resolve any type of situation.

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Reservations Staff
It's with pride that we introduce our Reservations Team! Collectively, with over 35 years worth of experience, our Reservations Team is working diligently to ensure your clients enjoy their Hawaiian holiday.

Addrielyn Ocao, Lori Tam, Cally Ane

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We invite you to meet our Accounting Team. Where some companies refer to their Accounting departments as the "back end of the shop" Sun Islands Hawaii places our Accounting Team front and center. All highly skilled individuals responsible for the finance of our company.

Left to Right: Maureen Ocao, Saharah Monteron, Rosalia Tagupa

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