Kona Coffee And Craters Adventure

Kailua, Big Island, Hawaii

On the slopes of Hualalai lies the world famous Kona Coffee Belt. Nourished by afternoon showers and rich volcanic soil, this region produces some of the best coffee in the world. Journey with us as we travel to the source of the 1800 eruption at Kaupulehu Crater. After exploring the area's volcanic features we will sample some of Kona's finest at a local coffee farm.

Morning and afternoon tours daily from Hawaii Forest and Trail Headquarters. Tour duration 3.5 hours roundtrip. Easy to Moderate.
Code Description Dates Days
HFTKC Kona Coffee & Craters Adventure 01/01/16 to 12/31/16 All
Adult Child Senior Infant Passengers Children infants
Min Max   Allowed Age Allowed
150.45 123.25 150.45 .00 -- --   Y 8-12   Y
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